How do you know you are out of adjudication?

@amberbunny how do fsos know an employee is out of adjudication? Do you just check jpas regularly? Do you get emails or are you just waiting for a package to show up?

I’m only about a month into adjudication(a year into the process) and know it can be awhile. I am a first time applicant.

I do know you have to be sworn in when approved, just wondering how it’s communicated when decided.

Normally I get the cover sheet returned via high side email, or a phone call. It is inconsistent at best. Other times I repeatedly look up people. Right now I am tracking about 15 completing poly in March timeframe. They are now hotting 18 months, most have been in adjudication since May. All normal. I expect to see a few shake free over the next two months.

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My last clearance, the FSO (who has an excellent relationship with the customer) got a phone call. But it was at least another week to ten days before it showed up in JPAS.

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I get pretty irritated as of late with not being notified. It is what it is. I keep a short list next to my computer of the names we have in process. I check multiple times a week as we need them filling higher cleared seats. I can only use them in Secret cleared positions for now. The biggest way of knowing…is you get called to say you are cleared. But even the most diligent FSO/Security office will lose a person on their roster and forget to check. Actually had some where I looked them up and they cleared that very day…