How long does MADO/SIP take?

Hello everyone,

After literally 3 years of waiting for my clearance, finally, I have been granted a couple of months ago. After that, the company that I work for informed me that I still need to wait for my MADO / SIP package (Military Affairs Desk Officer / Security In-Processing (SIP)) to be approved in order to have access to some sensitive info network. They did not give me any further information on how long this process could take. I cannot find any information on the web about it either. Do you have any information on how long this final process can take?

Thank you!

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It depends on where you are. If you are in HI there is an extra layer of scrutiny. It is supposed to take less than 30 days once the paperwork is received.

Thanks Velcro! Sorry to ask you, what do you mean with HI?

I mean Hawaii. I have to post 20 chars.

Hi guys,

Just a quick update… It has been 11 months since my MADO packet has been submitted and I am still waiting to be granted.

Dang. Is it for a job in Georgia or Maryland? Also, do you know if your clearance was a ‘priority?’

Will be overseas and I have some foreign travel as well. Maybe it would take less for domestic positions.

Gotcha. Maybe things are slower/ suspended since DOD travel is limited. An Army friend recently had to drive to Germany from Ukraine to head home because of the travel restrictions.

Any updates on this?

What I have learned is that it takes 3 years once you have been adjudicated with TS/SCI by the DoD and then submitted an application for MADO/SIP to NSA.

So if you apply for a job that requires MADO/SIP without having TS/SCI, it takes approximately 6 years to finally start working. Lol

Yikes. How many foreign contacts did you list?

About 30. Most of them are direct family members. Not having foreign contacts may help.

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Good luck and thanks for the update.

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