How much of what is posted here is from the 10% of cases not reported?

Clearance data gives us the fastest 90% of cases. Coming here, one gets the impression that they will wait forever before hearing anything at any stage. Is this really how it is or do those who encounter such problems eventually find their way here to find answers?

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The real question is what’s the average time for adjudication of the rest of the cases overall.

The lack of transparency drives a lot of people to seek info where they can get it.

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Just based on what I see and remember, this site is populated largely by three groups of people: The first are those who just applied for clearance and come here to ask how long it will take; second are the people who applied long ago and want to know what’s happening. The last group are the clearance “professionals” who are here to help the first two types.

I fall into the second group. My application was in the process for over a year before I found these forums.

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I too fall into the second category. Fortunately was adjudicated recently.

To the OP I do know of people who were adjudicated with secret in 4 months. (This being quite recent so may suggest some progress is being made on the backlog)

The lack of transparency drives a lot of people here seeking questions. I’d say a good number of those people are young and dabbled in drugs in some form (just look at the list of most recent posts and you’ll see this is probably true).

I think turning to websites to seek information is a natural instinct (if you want to call it that) for our generation. Many may not actually sign up and may just “lurk” as a guest seeking information. I was one of them, the only reason I signed up was to provide information on my investigation to give a few data points for others. Since then I’ve passed on things I’ve learned as well.

Another aspect is how much help each individual receives from coworkers and their FSO. A lot of people I know personally have come to me seeking guidance and thus have no need to come here (case in point, the person who was adjudicated in just 4 months).

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I’m not young, I’m 34. However, this is my first time going through process(TS/IC) and am already finding myself being disheartened by the process and it’s only been 5 months.

But coming here helps a lot… so thank you!

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