I need to get a part-time job; waiting on adjudication for BI position...

So I was hired in Feb. for a BI job, had my BI interview, and am in limbo waiting for final so I can be sent to training…

In the meantime, my present job has cut my work by 30% since I told them I’d be leaving in a few months. It’s not sustainable for me- I’m going to have to get a part time job to make ends meet.

If I take on a part-time job, do I beed to notify someone in NBIB?

No but you shouldn’t have told anyone you’d be leaving until you were given a start date.

…that would’ve ben akward when the BI called him…

It’s only awkward if you let it get awkward, though I know some employers can act unprofessionally.

In the future just say you’re under consideration for a position but nothing is definitive (which is the truth because you’re not “in” until you have a start date).

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yeah…this is a very small business- 8 employees, and he was my BI’s point of contact, so I had to clue him in.

I was interviewing for part-time temporary work while waiting and asked the Security Specialist with the contract company the same question. I was advised to report any new employment directly to NBIB via the contact info that was provided when I initially submitted my e-Qip.

I don’t see the practical purpose of that in relation to the investigation itself, but do as they say I guess. Could be vendor dependent.

To be clear, events that occur after what’s referred to as a schedule date isn’t significant unless it’s relating to adjudicative criteria.

I figured it would be required…since every job/employer/co-worker contact needs to be reported.

If every applicant called to update NBIB everytime they got a new job, residence, spouse, etc after signing their papers, nothing would ever get done. You don’t need to report it now. Tell your investigator later.

Let your future employer know if you are moving or change your contact information (in case NBIB can’t find you) - otherwise just wait for your Subject interview to update everything else.

I’ve already had my subject interview- 2 months ago. I’m waiting on an interim or final to start as a BI…

There is no need to contact NBIB until you start working.