IC Poly/Psych expiration

Has anyone heard of having to retake a polygraph or psychological exam due to it being over a year since last exam? I have seen some posts of people thinking it was a possibility but nothing was for sure. I know it has been over a year since mine but would hate to have to go do same thing all over again. I also wonder if the polygraph would be a full one or just apply to the timeframe since your last polygraph. Does anyone have insight on this? This is for an IC agency.

I’ve heard that they expire, yes, which is cool because I’m nearly two years since mine :slight_smile:

Well that would be great. Go redo everything and then wait another year or two and do them again. Rinse and repeat. Guess I can work on building up those flight miles haha.

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I looked at Customs and Border Protection and they keep all results for a minimum of two years. I’m sure every department is different but that would be nice if everything is good for two years at least.