Idea of timeline for security clearance

I have been offered an intern position with department of state and am awaiting my security clearance. It has been in the investigative phase for a couple weeks and they have all the documents they need. There shouldn’t be anything they find that is concerning or would require an extensive investigation. I can’t get an answer on how long the process should take from them so I thought I would ask here if anyone has any experience with a similar case.

I’ve been waiting 1 year on Department of State Clearance. I met with investigator about 30 days after I submitted E-qip. Met a few times for additional information over the course of 3 months. Been in Adjudications now for 5+ month. I’m guessing you haven’t served overseas or don’t have much credit history so your case could be quicker. I would say minimum 90 days, maximum 1 year like myself.