Investigation is complete

So finally my investigation is over and I had 3 things come up. 4 years ago when I was In college I quit a job with out giving notice. When my investigator met them They told her I quit without notice. Secondly my kind landlord for college said I was 6 months late on my rent which was not true. I explained to my investigator that one of my roommates was most likely the one who was late on my rent. Lastly my last job said i had a letter of reprimand for calling off. I didnt List that on my SF86 because I wasn’t aware of that I was Given one. With this whole investigation what do you guys think of my chances?

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If those are your only problems, I would say that you don’t have any problems . . .

You will be surprised what people who you think are solid references will say about you when the investigator comes calling…The investigator should have given you a chance to address those issues in an in person interview. If they don’t have any hard evidence that you were aware of this accusations, then it is just hearsay. For example, if the letter of reprimand has your signature on it then you can’t claim ignorance. With that being said, the investigator will document your rebuttal and it will be up to the adjudicator to decide. If those are your only issues, then I think you should be fine.