Is it common practice to fill out separate foreign contact forms when you disclosed them in your SF86?

I applied for a GS job and I have been waiting to get my EOD for over 13 months. The hold up was my PR which was adjudicated last week. I contacted security to ask them about the next step and I was told that they need some documentation or something regarding my foreign national contact and they will email me. I’m confused, since, all my contacts were disclosed in my SF and my PR was adjudicated last week, is this normal or not? dose every agency asks you about your foreign contacts in separate forms? is this a common practice?

It is normal if you are waiting for SCI access approval. The Cognizant Security Authority may be different or have additional criteria then the authority that adjudicated and granted the TS.


It does seem odd that these questions would come up not only after your investigation was complete but after it was adjudicated. Still, some agencies are very concerned about foreign contacts, and maybe they cannot capture all their concerns in the standard background investigation.

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Dear Mr.Hakamaa,
Thank you for your explanation. I think you are right, I’m getting my SCI back with the new organization.
Thanks again

Concur Marko. You may get a 2 way letter where they remind you to keep them updated on all foreign contacts. I tell my people getting a 2 way letter is a positive thing. It means you cleared, but they want to reiterate policy to you. That way there is a formal record you were told of a higher risk behavior. I have seen them for finances, and previous, many years old recreational drug use.

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