Job no longer available

I’ve been in the clearance process for an NSA position since May 2019 and my clearance should (hopefully) be wrapping up by now after passing the polygraph mid-January… Last week I got a voicemail from my recruiter telling me the job is no longer available but other offices within the agency are interested in interviewing me. I tried contacting my recruiter several times since then and HR hasn’t answered back yet. I’m not totally sure if I’m cleared yet since it didn’t say in the voicemail, and I haven’t received any interview invites yet (it’s only been 2 weeks though). My question is, if I apply to contractors, can they take over my investigation? Just trying to find a backup plan in case NSA doesn’t work out.

Maybe. I have “heard” of it happening, normally you will not be entered into any of the clearance databases until you EOD.

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