Lost Inquiry Forms

I’ve been in contact with one of my investigators, and everything is done in my CAT file, fieldwork, backgroud checks, etc, except two inquiries from September. One is for my school and one is for my employer (my supervisor already returned the supervisor inquiry, and the other inquiry is definitely lost.) The school has also definitely lost/never received their inquiry form, as all of them were sent out 8 months ago in September. They are now both listed as pending in PIPS and since they are never going to be returned, how long will OPM wait until they mark them undelivered and transmit my file to DODCAF?? I find it ridiculous that something that takes two clicks is what is holding me back from my career.

-Who can I contact in this case? The Freedom hotline? Investigator said he can’t contact OPM.
-Will they resend the inquiries or will they just mark them undelivered?

Bump, maybe an NBIB person could help me out?