Meet the ClearanceJobs Team

Ever wonder who is behind and ClearanceJobsBlog? Meet the team behind ClearanceJobs, the largest career network dedicated to matching security-cleared candidates to government, defense and intelligence companies.

Great info! I’d like to see an easier way to navigate between the discussion forums and the clearancejobs site.

@sbusquirrel Great question. We’ve bounced the idea around before. An active or current security clearance is required to register on So, we wanted to create a site where people who were going thru the security clearance process, but are not currently cleared had a place to ask sensitive questions and offer anonymity.

I’ve been reading clearancejobs for years but never registered… Actually, all that is required to register is a person’s assertion that they have a clearance… its not like you are tied into JPAS.

I’ve found an easy way to make the jump… go from Discuss to Blog, and there are links on Blog. This just saves me having to type the URL for

Hey I think that is me at the bottom left corner of the Clearance Jobs Blog web page.

Yes, on every blog article there is a link “Continue the discussion” that will take you directly to the discussion thread.

We love squirrels, specifically ‘secret squirrels’. Have you seen our DC metro campaigns?

I am only a little ol’ SBU squirrel… guess they found out about those funny nuts I was eating on my trip to Colorado.

I just want to know how do I get my Clearance back as it was a secret clearance years ago in the USAF
I have seen some jobs around the USA I would like to apply for

Generally, if your The Personnel Security Investigation (PSI) is out-of-date (expired) or there has been a break-in-service of two years or more, you must be nominated for a new clearance, complete a new application, and undergo a new PSI.

When searching for positions look for the keyword “clearable” as that indicates that the employer is willing to put the candidate thru the security clearance process. For example -

For more information see: