Need advice on how to fight this

Continuous evaluation pinged me for an SIS (suspension in position of sentence). My past unit failed to report that I told them. Now I’m facing discharge. What do I do?

Do you have any records to show that you reported the incident to your previous unit? Who did you actually report it to? Is that person still available and will they remember that you reported the incident?

That’s where I would start with the small amount of information given.

By unit are you referring to military? If you reported this through the orderly room, section commander and/or first sergeant…I too would feel you adequately reported it. Working personnel security in the Air Force required a lot of communication with first sergeants and commanders to keep the flow of information open between our office and them. Years ago they used to open what was called a Special Security File on derogatory info. This way we could track potential discipline issues. I believe they eliminated that function; this was at a major nuclear installation with the Personal Reliability Program.

Can you provide more info (If comfortable)? Was this a suspension of license? If your unit took disciplinary action against you, that is clear evidence it was reported. Maybe not to the security office but in the military you would likely not be aware of their function as you are in a civilian company.