Non-Compete Clauses?

When I accepted a tentative offer as a BI with contract company (A), they were the only game in town. Since then, another contractor is now advertising locally. Wondering if I stick with A and find they are as awful as everyone says, will I be bound by a clause from moving over to the other contract company? Anyone see a non-compete clause or agreement in their new hire paperwork?

Proceed with some caution.

Research non-competes in your state. In many states they are barely enforceable for a typical employee. As an investigator you are not privy to the company’s strategic planning or other inside information.

I have never heard of a non-compete clause in this career field for anyone below manager.

The ISP I was with a few years ago had their new hires sign non-competes.

That is amusing… I never signed one as a contractor - I was with USIS and KGS before throwing up my hands and joining the Feds.

I don’t think that they can make you sign one as a contractor. If they place too many restrictions on you, you are being treated like an employee and they can have all kinds of hell rained down on them.

You make many good points. You’re not wrong per se, however it really depends on the circumstances and the parameters therein. This brings up many interesting considerations that can be circumvented.

I recall a prior BI vendor paying extra money to senior personnel in exchange for a non-compete.