NSA hiring process after accepting CJO

I was applying for NSA SWE position.
I’ve already accepted CJO and completed the security form in CESP 2 months ago.
I just received an email from CESP yesterday said that my Investigative Questionnaire was Approved.
What is the next step on my application process and how long should it takes?

Not sure what CESP is but once your forms are accepted they should start doing the investigation, which consists of investigators going out and talking to people as well as some online database checks.

NSA has a lot of info on their careers website, have you checked that out? It might be rolled into the general IC jobs site now.

CESP means Candidate Experience Security Portal.
I completed the SF 86 security form on the CESP.

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Aha so they dont use the same eqip site…?

Pretty sure NSA goes through eQIP for SF86.

What is eQIP? I’ve already filled the SF86 through CESP. The recruiter didn’t mention anything about e-QIP.

They do, at least they did a year and a half ago.

Think of it as an online SF-86. Most people (at least DoD or agencies which use DCSA to do their investigations) go to a single eQIP site, but maybe NSA hosts their own site within this CESP portal.

Many years ago they started migrating to online systems as opposed to paper forms. But about 5-6 years ago there was a security breach at OPM (which used to do background investigations) and some agencies stopped using that online site and went back to hardcopy forms for a while.

But do you know how long will it takes after my form SF86 was accepted? Will they call me for an interview or the people that I put their information in the SF86?

How long will it take? Who knows. But an investigator will certainly want to meet with you. As for references, sometimes the investigators develop their own leads and do not contact the people you listed on your forms.

I’m in the same boat. My SF86 was accepted after 3 weeks submitted. I also was asked for more information via email, and I also provided all documents that I was asked for.
It’s been 4 weeks since my SF86 was accepted but I didn’t receive any updates so far.
None of my references (including me) have been contacted, too. And I’m also still waiting for a polygraph or Psychological testing. No clue how much longer I need to wait.