Obtaining a security clearance

I had a top secret security clearance US Marine Corps MP at the US Naval Propellant plant Indian Head Maryland
I had a top secret security clearance US Army Audit Agency 25 years 1972-1997
How can i apply for a job that requires a security Clearance

If you last held a clearance in 1997 you will have to start the clearance process from the beginning. You can apply for jobs and see if the employer/agency is willing to sponsor you for a clearance. Be aware that the process can take months, and months, and months. Depending on your field of expertise some would be willing to sponsor you.

What SMCVA said!
Unfortunately, the process moves rather slowly depending on which agency is doing the investigation.

If you’re lucky you can find one that will let you EOD with an interim while the full investigation progresses.

Good Luck!