Passport Question

I lost my passport; on eQip I have to list that I have a passport and explain that I lost it. However, I HAVE to fill out the passport number which I obviously don’t know and I can’t leave it blank. What do I put there? I tried to put N/A, but it has to be 9 letters/numbers long. I was thinking of just putting dontknow1 and explaining in the section that I lost it in the comments section. Anyone have any advice?

You can get the number from the State Department. There is also a general comment section at the end of the form to explain anything that you want to explain. I wouldn’t put all 9’s or 0’s though. It’ll just get marked as an “Issue” or “discrepancy” that will simply delay the investigation.

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I only see an option to do so by mail…no option by phone. hmm.

Your other option is to say “No” then explain that it was lost and approx date it was lost. It would raise a red flag if all 0’s or 9’s. Might even get SF86 rejected

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What about social security #? Maybe enter that for now and in the comments section state your situation.