Periodic Renivestigation placed on discontinue list

I would like to know what it means. I have a clearance for very long time and I was currently under my regular PR. Couple weeks ago, I switched my job, moving from one employer to the prime. Stayed with the same agency, nothing had changed for me, have a the same access. I got a notification from my previous employer that OPM had put my PR into discontinue list and asked to provide an information if my access is still needed. What that step means? Did it cancelled my PR? I was already interviewed with my investigator, and I was awaiting my adjudication.

I suspect that your previous employer doesn’t want to foot the bill for your PR since you are no longer working there. Your new company needs to pick it up and they likely need to do so quickly. Talk to your FSO, not the people here.

This means someone told an investigator working your case that you are no longer at the old company and probably did not need the clearance. The “discontinue list” is NBIB asking the requesting agency if they want the case to continue.