Perspecta became Peraton

Perspecta became Peraton today. Investigators were shipped a box of Peraton gifts. (coffee cup, lanyard, hand sanitizer, face mask, etc.) One of the most interesting things in the package was a device that you can stick onto your laptop that can cover your laptop camera. It came with a rah rah security card and instructions touting the dangers of cybersecurity threats and how Peraton was prepared to defend against them. If you slide the window on this camera cover device open the words “CHINA” are clearly visible. Several of the other items (lanyards, badge pull, etc. ) have “made in China” clearly visible as well. Is Peraton trying to create or prevent national security threats? Just a thought…maybe sending all your employees Chinese made trinkets you expect them to use on the job is not a good first start to a national security defense contractor??? 30 years in the military/defense industry and this is kind of a disappointing start.

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It’s the thought that counts!! I understand that SCIS thanked a bunch of their Investigators with poor performance appraisals. Even the good ones.

Such a shame about their treadmill recalls, they looked pretty nice. Might try one of their bikes one of these days.


You mean Pelaton bikes? Or were making a funny?

It’s no joke.

Hopefully no Made-in-China flash drives with a Peraton logo :slight_smile: :imp: :thinking:


Not yet…but there was a label on the outside of the package that said “Warning Cancer and Reproductive Harm” Very strange. I am wondering which one of the items is going to give me Cancer.

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Just making a lame joke.

I am guessing as a contractor I don’t get the welcome kit. I was instructed to change my email footer so far…that’s pretty much it lol