PT Clearance Information

I am currently going through the PT clearance for a potential new job. I feel like the security guy is asking for way too much information. I currently have a NACI clearance and I didn’t have to go through all this. What are they allowed to ask for or not??

Explain what a PT clearance is. Part time? Anything and everything on the Equip/SF86 is fair game. Likely going back 10 years for employment, places lived, criminal record, voluntary disclosure of drug use, foreign contacts, foreign travel, finances, etc. Exactly what are they asking you find out of the ordinary?

I think he/she means public trust.

If you are being interviewed for a Public Trust investigation - there are going to be a lot of personal questions asked.

You’re free not to answer any questions.

Please do so! Makes the report writing way faster!

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What do you mean by “security guy”? The investigator or someone at the company? What type of questions do think are out of bounds?

Getting you NACI isn’t the same a public trust which isn’t the same as a secret which isn’t the same as TS which isn’t the same as getting SCI . . .

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