Public Trust - Current Address Reference

Good evening,

I am filling out Eqip form for public trust clearance. With regards to the current address reference, I have limited options with who can confirm my residence.

It is a very tiny studio apartment, so I don’t invite friends or colleagues over. My girlfriend of one year is a regular visitor though. We are not engaged, so I don’t think she counts as my “spouse”. Is she an acceptable reference?

I can also list building management (it is a corporate building, so not a landlord, but a representative of the company, who can confirm that i’ve lived at the location for 3+ years, paid rent on time with no complaints by neighbors, etc.)

Which is better?

Thank you

While either would work, I would use your girlfriend.

Either seem fine, but I would personally use building management. That way you can save your girlfriend for a personal reference (since she is not a spouse and they ask you not to use personal references who are already listed on the form).

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Use your girlfriend. She can actually attest to the fact that you live there and speak to your activities in the neighborhood and in the apartment itself. The landlord, since they are not onsite, can only attest to the fact that you are paying your rent. They don’t even know if you are actually living there.

I thought that they discouraged using someone with whom you have a “relationship” as a personal reference but I could be mixing that up with something else.