Public Trust positions


I have a question in regards to being rehired in the federal workplace. I resigned from my position in 2019 from Bureau of Prisons. In May 2018 I was suspended for misconduct for 5 days it was my
First and only suspension. I also filed for chapter 13 Bankruptcy In Nov 2018. I am trying to get back into working for federal agencies since I can apply for competitive positions. My Question is how will this affect me being rehired? I know I have to explain this on the SF86 form but would a federal agency hire me?

As far as the suspension goes, I guess it would depend on the details of the suspension and the kind of position you are applying for. In most cases I don’t think it would be an automatic disqualifier.

The bankruptcy will probably attract more attention. You will need to provide lots of documentation here showing that you are in better financial shape now. This probably will not be an issue until after you get the job offer and start any required processing for security clearance/public trust.

My input, for what its worth.

They might, they might not. You truly will not know until you apply and go through the security process. Good luck.

Thank you for your response.

I applied for a contract specialist position with the VA. The clearance shows as other and its for a NCS/High Risk position so the bankruptcy has definitely lingered on my mind. I am almost done with my bankruptcy, was wondering if I pay off the remaining balance so that the case status becomes closed, this would benefit me more. In terms of the suspension it was for misconduct in a sexual nature. I exchanged emails with an employee and sent an inappropriate email to their work email.

Thank you for your response I will hold on to some hope.