Question about JPAS Records

Bit of a strange question. I ordered my JPAS records from the Defense Manpower Data Center and I’m not sure this is everything (it is 6 pages). How long are these normally?

Are you looking for a copy of your investigation?

No idea, but how long did it take to receive a response?

Already have it. Want to make sure this is everything.

About a week to ten days. Not long at all.

The length of them depends on the person and the amount of time they have been cleared, previously reported issues, etc…

When we do a pull we get both the JAMS and JCAVS but I don’t know what the supply an individual pulling their own record. I have seen short ones and long ones but 6 pages doesn’t seem odd to me.

Is there something that you suspect is missing? Why are you concerned that you don’t have the complete record?

Looking for something from another agency that i don’t see.

1110, I’m wondering if NRO and NSA investigations (closed or open) show up in JPAS with details. Maybe the details are somewhere else…

No, they most likely do not. They are in a different database, Scattered Castles.

Do you know how long it generally takes to get those records?

Would polygraph results also be in SC?

yes, it would be be in SC. How long will it take? it depends, but it doesnt take that long. Here is an article on how to request a copy:

I’ve asked NSA for any pre-polygraph interview records as well as any security records they have on me but who knows how long that will take. So I was wondering if it was in SC as it would be quicker.