Question about potentially marrying an arranged marriage foreign national while having clearance

So I have a clearance and am asian. My parents friend is trying to set me up with her close friend’s daughter who is in china. Now, we have not gone anywhere to warrant reporting anything yet but I do have some questions about meeting her and more.

If we decide to meet to see if there’s a connection. Does it matter if we meet in China or somewhere outside of China but not in US since I hear us tourist visas from China wait time is January 2024 and beyond ATM. I do have chinese visa I got few years ago. I know I need to report meeting her and foreign travel regardless, just if it is worse if I go to China vs let’s say Japan or cancun.

In terms of visa. I understand the fiance visa route. If she comes here as student via student visa and if we feel there’s a connection and marry, does that matter in any way vs fiance visa? I am not saying I want to bypass fiance visa route but saying if i don’t know about her after we meet and she comes here via student visa and if we meet more and there’s a connection then we marry. I guess I don’t need to do anything as long as I already marked her as continous contact?


She is still a Chinese national. Regardless of exactly where you guys decide to meet, it must be reported as a foreign contact and it will cause you some issues with a security clearance application, given the current security concerns with that country and the circumstances of how you guys met and are hooking up.