Questions about address for security forms?

I’m applying to jobs all over the country and am anticipating a move once I receive an offer. My lease ends in 60 days. In order to avoid almost $4,000 in cancelled leasing charges if I move, I was looking into staying monthly in an airbnb instead of renewing my lease. I was not sure how this would work on a security form if I stay for longer than 90 days. I would not be able to receive mail at the airbnb and would likely have to get a virtual mailbox or a PO box at a local USPS.

Would this raise any red flags while filling out a security form? Can I use a PO box or a virtual mailbox as a permanent residence address while listing my airbnb as a temporary address? Would it be better to just eat the cost of the $4,000 or perhaps look into renting a room in someone’s home where I could receive mail?

Nobody resides at a PO Box. Always list a physical address.

List the physical address if you are there 90 days or more or if it makes sense to list it for a shorter period. List in the comments that it was an air bnb or such.