Reapplying for Clearance Post-Revocation

My FBI TS/SCI clearance was revoked without explanation about 15 years ago. I would like to reapply for a government job requiring clearance. I wonder whether I’m better off applying at first for a position requiring a lower-level clearance (e.g., Public Trust, Secret) and reestablishing trust. I’m afraid if I apply for a position requiring a higher-level clearance and am unsuccessful in acquiring clearance, it will hurt my chances of later applying for a position requiring only a lower-level clearance. Anyone have an informed opinion?

First things first, If they revoked or denied your clearance without an explanation, then they broke the law. They were supposed to atleast give you a statement of reasons explaining why and how to appeal. I would try to get more info first. It may be a moot point given the length of time, but i don’t see how you can answer certain questions on your SF86 without atleast knowing what happened.

Thank you very much. That is correct – no Statement of Reasons was provided nor an opportunity to appeal. Actually, the FBI informed that, because “damage to national security interests would result from [appeal] procedures by revealing classified information,” the revocation “is not subject to further review” and is “final.” The FBI obviously marches to its own drum when it comes to security clearance determinations, with little or poor oversight.

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The implications for national security releases are on them, shouldn’t have anything to do with giving you an SOR which can be classified and addressed in a SCIF. If i were you i would consult my congressman because that just sounds dirty and “illegal”, but as you know, legalities and rights are not part of the IC.