Reference will not return call to investigator

I am a contractor, therefor, I barely come into contact with a lot of co-workers. When my background investigator met with me, he asked for a few co-workers that he could meet with. I gave him my boss, and one other co-worker with whom I knew “the best”.
I was advised that the investigator called my co-worker. Great news! Except my co-worker is now giving every excuse why he won’t return his phone call.
If he happens to never call him back or meet with him, does this harm me in any way? Should I reach out to my investigator and let him know that my co-worker is basically avoiding being spoken to about this?

(The co-worker knew in advance I was using him as a reference and was ‘okay’ with it, I really have no idea why right now this is an issue)

He’ll do what he has to do, don’t worry about who cooperates. Not your problem to worry about.

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What he said. It’s not your problem.

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Thanks! Of course I am stressing about it because he was on board and now is acting like this :confused:

No prob. It’s one of our many perennial frustrations.

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So I shouldn’t even bother contacting the investigator and letting him know that my co-worker is probably not going to return his phone call?

What does this mean for me though? I don’t want it to hold up my process because someone else wants to play games.

Leave it alone, the ball is out of your court.

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Don’t worry about it! I had the same issue, the investigator will handle it

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Ask yourself this question: Why would he not want to talk to the investigator? Is he aware of possible unethical behavior? Maybe that person simply has no respect for you as a person. There were many I didn’t necessarily get along with personality wise but I was always happy to answer the security questions. I’m smart enough to understand I need not like everyone, nor they me and it doesn’t mean either of us are security risks. Perhaps, if asked, offer another contact?

We haven’t worked together that long. We both are contractors so our time working together has been even more limited than that as it is. He said he called him back but no answer so he left a message. We get along just fine.
I do know he told me before he lost his clearance years ago, so maybe he is worried they will ask him something? I really don’t know. But I am not going to stress too much over it.

That would be a reason. But I honestly think coworker interviews are as mundane an event as there is. It isn’t as if he is being scoped as well. But I would solicit another, offer to investigator.