SCIS Part Time posting

SCIS posted a part time job opening in my area. Are they actually doing work or thinking things may pick up soon?
I see so much doom and gloom then see they post a job opening.

Apply at your own risk…they laid off a bunch of tenured employees and are now hiring for part time positions… While most full time people are still not getting full time hours.


Good telecom.i take it all back.

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That right there…is WildnCrazy lol

I don’t know if you’re young, old, retired, or have worked in the BI field before. But I have some general comments.

My suggestion is that unless you have a solid real source of income/wealth apart from the BI field you’re setting yourself up for lots of stress for little pay and potential catastrophic financial and professional ruin. Like tightrope walking without a net. In today’s BI field it’s like tightrope walking without a net in high winds.

Nb: a lot of us who worked as PT or contract employees for BI companies had/have a 6-figure additional source of income and the job was largely a hobby. In my case I had $140k/year backing me up.

When I worked as a full-time BI years ago the amount of work done relative to pay made it feel like a volunteer job. But the field work was challenging and fun so I didn’t mind. But it became too onerous and ludicrously bureaucratic (worthless) in both coverage requirements and reporting for me to keep going. I threw in the towel. And while I miss the fun of the BI field work I used to do I know both the job and society have changed so much that it would never really be the same.

There is no way anyone can live in any major metro area without at least $120k/year household income. And by engaging in BI work, even PT, you will be tied down from it which will make other employment that much more difficult…

There is no chance of real advancement in the BI field except for soul-sucking management positions which are and almost as professionally precarious as the BI job. And you will not learn any useful skills in the BI job/field. For younger people it’s imperative to work a job which has a real chance for advancement, learning, and growth. The BI field ain’t it.


My area of operations only has one part-time (normally full time but only working up to 24 hours) contractor. This is down from 5 last summer, and about 15 two years ago.

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And that right there, ladies and gentlemen, is a SOLID piece of advice. Expectation vs. True Reality

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I’m a recently retired fed (retired 1811 criminal investigator), I keep hoping the good ol days come back. All the older retired feds used to do backgrounds and loved it, said they worked 2 or 3 days a week on their own schedule, made good money, and loved it. They did a few TDYs a year to travel and make some extra money. I guess those days are long gone.

Run far away from SCIS. There are better places to work.


What is so bad about scis?

I wish we could openly discuss this without concern, but the overall blowback that may be possible, not just to the person posting, but to coworkers who have to listen to veiled threats about company discussions in public, just isn’t worth wasting the time.

For anyone struggling, I feel for you and hope your situation improves. This forum seems rather supportive and for that I’m grateful.


I figure there’s probably a way for I.T. to figure out who posters are because of something that happened to me personally. But then again maybe it’s just paranoia.


I’ve noticed an uptick in the SCIS IT department LinkedIn stalking. Nice of LinkedIn to provide that titbit of knowledge.

The whole situation brings overall sadness to my thoughts.

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Probably recruiters trying to wrangle part timers. Scis is better than keypoint/perspecta…at least they dont have a practice of continuously going after their employees.