Secret Clearance Arrest

I recently gotten a job offer from Homeland Security and I’m required to get a Secret Clearance with a Critical-Sensitive access. The question that I have is that a ex-girlfriend acussed with assualt in the 3rd degree and I was arrested. The charges were already dropped by the DA because here story had a lot of holes in at. I have a letter of disposition from the court saying that the caes was dropped because basically she lied. I have never been in trouble in my life and I honorable discharged veteran with 20yrs of military service. At a previous job I had a Secret Clearance with a Critical-Sensitive access. So, a background check will show that I have been arrested. She went to the cops and made this claim because I broke up with her and she knew about me getting the job with Homeland Security. Will this affecting from getting my clearance. Any help this question would be appreciated

As long as you disclose the arrest along with the disposition there will not be an issue with it as the judicial system already determined that the conduct at issue did not take place.

And failure to disclose the arrest will most definitely result in a denial of the clearance.

Thank you for your quick response to my question