Security clearance contact by adjudication

I have a question. If the adjudication Department needs to contact a person to clear up questions in the adjudication process how do they contact a person , by phone, by mail, by FSO ? The reason I asked is I receive various calls from unknown numbers, or unknown callers ( unknown appears on caller ID ) sometimes I either don’t have time to answer the calls, or I am busy and cannot answer the call. I have called back some numbers , most telemarking and various other companies, and scammers. If by phone will adjudication leave a voicemail.

By the time it gets to adjudication the investigation will be done. There will be no more questions.

Thank you , I was told by the investigator that it went into adjudication on 30 November 2018

No that is not true… sometimes the adjudicators do have questions or want some additional info. Sometimes they will refer the question to an investigator to contact you, other times an adjudicator may contact you directly.

And as I always say, this is a positive sign because it means your case has actually reached an adjudicator.

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Would the adjudication process leave a voicemail if I could not answer the phone

I also heard it on this page that if they contact you with questions (via phone or email) instead of formal interrogatories it is a good sign.

I don’t think its a sign either way. After the initial interview, the information can be obtained over the phone.

Once again can someone tell me will an adjudication Department leave a voicemail with a call back number if they have any questions? I get quite a few calls from unknown numbers, and numbers when I call back just rings and rings

One can make the assumption that the adjudicator would likely leave a number. Just one person’s guess

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If your case is at DoD CAF, an adjudicator will not call. They only communicate with applicants in writing. Every Central Adjudication Facility does things differently, but most, if not all, do not use the telephone to contact applicants.

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After the in person interview with an investigator. He contacted me the next day via text for additional information.