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SSBI question on the activation

Congrats on citizenship. Obviously at one point someone wanted you bad enough. Another cleared agency can request ownership of the BI, and likely submit the change and update. A US Passport is the platinum standard so that is what I advise you seek in the interim. Can you reach out to the agency initially extending the offer?

Thanks @amberbunny for the reply. Any idea on What would be the approximate time frame for such transfer and updating my information?

@backgdinvestigator Can you please help me with my question.

You are asking the wrong person. You need to ask the hiring agencies.

The SSBI is an investigation process - you don’t automatically get a clearance with an investigation.

Can you please help with my question. I have my SSBI and CI favorable in JPAS.

You have muddied the waters in the description of your situation. You entered the military under MAVNI last year? What branch? Are you still in? How would you leave the military so soon? Also, SSBIs were replaced by the Tier 5 over two years ago. And on the last post you state you never had a background investigation conducted. Your organizational security officer is the one to talk to about updating JPAS.

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