Seeking Career Advice

In a tough spot right now and am looking for some opinions on this forum.

I graduated from college in 2018 and have been working in Finance. While a senior I applied for a role in the IC because I realized that I was bored with finance and wanted something more out of a career. I received a CJO for the IC job in the summer of 2018 and have been waiting for my TS SCI to go through for 22 months now. Everything is done (poly, references…etc.). I assume I am just waiting for ajudication, but who knows.

I am becoming tired of waiting and am seriously considering becoming an officer with the Marines. However, ultimately I would prefer the IC job. My biggest fear is I accept a commission with the Marines in say 10 months and then hear back from the IC job and won’t be able to take it.

Covid-19 seems to have made getting my clearance hopeless at this point, or at least not worth the wait.

Just looking for any input or guidance based on knowledge/experience I do not have.


Join the Marines and get into the Intel MOS fields. I was USMC Artillery, if I could do it over again I probably would have gone the intel route.

Do both. You can be an intel officer in the Marines and join the IC as well. Good luck.

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Thank you. How can I do both? Are you saying do the Marines and then apply again to IC later?

You can be an intel officer assigned to DIA, CIA, NGA, NSA, etc.