Sf 85/SF 85p education verification requirements

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I was hoping someone could help me with a few questions concerning forms sf 85 of sf 85 p. I am new to this and just want to make sure that I can assistant the investigator in the event the information cannot be verified. I’m not sure which form I will have to complete but this a for a public trust position and will be a background investigation.

Question #1
In section 12 it states have you received a degree or diploma more than 7 years ago? I completed an associated degree in 2015 and have my transcripts that I can provide if needed. My high school is now closed as I graduated in 2000 will this be an issue, or will the associated degree verification be enough? Will the high school even be verified?

Question #2
Will the investigator be able to retrieve the high school information? I’m just trying to be ahead of the game.


You will not be providing the documentation. Since you have a college degree, the high school diploma will not matter although you need to list it as the directions say “diplomas and degrees”. Any diplomas or degrees ever received should be listed and education in the last 7 years whether graduated or not should be listed. The documentation will come directly from the institution and the investigator will handle obtaining that.

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I have an additional question. Is the verification of education process electronic?

Why is it important how the verification is done?

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Depends on the school.

None of your questions matter. It is the investigator’s job to find the info, not yours.


I graduated high school in 1974 first clearance in 1984 never had an issue with degree to tell the truth. They can pull a lot of information from places and other stuff they really dont check. One 5yr update i messed updates of foreign travel and they never asked me about it. So my travel reporting had a different date than my equip date