SF85 vs SF85P - Public Trust

Background: Tentative offer stated SF-85 - now it has become SF-85P. The job also requires Public Trust.

Kids are in college - their permanent address is my address. What address should I provide for them in SF-85P?

Do u normally complete eQIP after the firm offer?

All degrees that are older than 7 yrs - should you only furnish the most recent degree? This is what SF-85 stated but SF-85P seems unclear.

The pre-pandemic onnline courses, Edx.org, Coursera.org - should these be listed if they are within the last 7 yrs?

I once attended court for traffic ticket to get traffic school. Pleaded no-contest. Should this be listed?

Foreign travel - how about transit in Canada? Should this be mentioned? Yes there was an Canadian immigration officer though I did not leave the airport.

Any other tips in completing SF-85P?

It is not uncommon to submit the public trust questionnaire after you have started.

List where the kids are the day you sign your form.

List all of your degrees regardless when you earned them.

List all of your education via an accredited education provider within the last seven year. If they were on-line, list them as on-line or long distance (it makes a difference)

Do not list traffic infractions under $300 UNLESS they involve alcohol or drugs. You do have to list your fish and game infraction citations (Subjects seem to misunderstand that poaching violations are not traffic violations).

You don’t need to mention Canada if it was a transit hub that you were only staying at for a few hours. Leave the secure area? Report it.

Tips. Read the questions literally and individually. The time periods (3, 5, 7, ever) mean from the day you certify the form. Provide accurate, brief, and clear comments where needed. Don’t provide unneeded comments. You have to list ALL employments to include self-employments. Make sure your verifiers (residence, school, and employment) have direct knowledge of that activity, i.e. lived in your neighborhood, was on campus if not in classes with your, and was actually your last supervisor.


Another person did not list the traffic ticket - but was questioned:

So if you enrolled more than 7yrs ago and did not earn, you do not need to list?

and that traffic citation might have been more than $300, or the traffic citation might have been a misdemeanor, or the reporting law enforcement agency did not list the disposition (i.e. fine)… regardless, if you were not required to list the traffic infraction, if asked, it is just a clarification.

Don’t create headaches for yourself and your investigation by listing unneeded/unwanted information that could confuse the system (computers) that schedule out the field work.

The flip side, don’t create headaches for yourself and your investigation by omitting required information as that coverage is needed and will slowdown your investigation.

Don’t over think the questions, try to figure out what “we” want to know, or decide that something “really isn’t that big a deal”.


This the time to be literal.

It is or it is not.

Yes or no.

Black and white.

The questions all have clear instructions; follow those to a T. None of the questions are open to individual interpretations.

Employment - Dates of employment and unemployment can’t overlap. (Obviously you can’t be employed and unemployed at the same time.) Unemployment here means you weren’t working and you weren’t paid. Don’t be the person who says, “I wasn’t unemployed because I didn’t receive unemployment benefits.”

Relatives - we don’t care if you have or have not had a relationship with so and so for over 20 years. The questionnaire is not a therapy session. It simply asks for names, DOB, current address.

“N/A” is not an answer. If you don’t know or cannot remember something, explain clearly.

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It looks to me for the 2nd question " Section 26 - Involvement in Non-Criminal Court Actions", traffic ticket needs to be listed - what do u guys think?

This is also the investigator told from the link above.

no, non-criminal court actions are civil suits, etc. non-reportable traffic infractions are…not reported.