Sf-85p final job offer but?

I am baffled

I have been given an official job offer, and my employer has given me a due date and the starting salary of my entry-level job.

First, I applied, second got a phone call scheduling an appointment for an interview, then they sent a paper with my consent of calling my references, employment, and schools. Then they finally called for an interview and weeks later I fount out that I passed the meet and deal. Then I was I received a tentative email/offer I accepted, then I got my fingerprints done, everything came back clear, and then I got an official job offer.

The reason why I am confused is that after I was given an official job offer, that’s when I received and completed the of-306- of-85.

Do I have another in person job interview, or is my process completed?

Sorry I am just trying to be sure

The employer hired you. You are now going through a public trust background investigation to ensure you meet the suitability requirements.

These are normally conducted by DCSA. These are not gotcha investigations. if you reported everything on your questionnaire correctly, even if you have a Subject interview, you are normally fine.

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