SF-86 Questions

I’ve attended 3 colleges and dropped out of them all between 2014-2017. The last school I attended was 4 years ago. I was burnt out but felt obligated to attend right after high school. However; I’m now older and more mature and understand that I should pursue an education. That’s my primary reason for joining the Air Force, so I can get tuition assistance. Obviously I’m aware they will track these records. But this position with the Air Force is my redemption!! I need this job to pursue my education and I owe it to myself. I wish 18yr old me could see what 25yr old me is pursuing now. Will me dropping out and never completing a degree program affect my security clearance? I already live with guilt of not pursuing my education when I should have, I was young and dumb and thought I knew everything, I’d hate to lose this opportunity and be left with the same guilt and “what if’s.” Any advice on this is greatly appreciated!!!

No it will not. I will say, and this is just my opinion, if your only reason for joining the Air Force is college, you may be miserable. Any branch of the military requires a dedication beyond just signing your name.

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Thanks for the feedback. College is my primary incentive but definitely not the only. I’m familiar with military life as I come from a military family. I didn’t join after high school because I had an athletic scholarship I chose to pursue instead. Thanks again!!

I agree with you partly, but I think one of the best reasons to join the military (during peacetime) is for education assistance.

Most people that join the military are going to end up hating it for one reason or another, no matter how much dedication. And most will not make a career out of the military. That’s why it is great to make sure that you are going to be getting something out of the military, because it is certainly going to be getting something out of you.

You are going to have a bad time.

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That is no different than any other job IMO. I served 20 plus years. Did it suck at times, hell yes. Zero reason for us to be in the sand box, but I went every time I was asked. In the end, it set me up for life with medical and retirement.

Was I miserable or hated it, overall no.


Right - I wouldn’t be doing my current job if I wasn’t paid, or wasn’t offered benefits. Does it suck at times? Sure, but that doesn’t outweigh what it allows me to do