Sf85p - received my laptop and login credentials


I submitted my sf85p through eQuip July 11th, I was enrolled for PiV card with fingerprinting and photograph on July 14th. I still have not received my PiV card, but I received my HHS issued laptop today by UPS and given my .gov email address and login credentials today.

Question is, does this mean I have received an interim clearance? Would they issue these without first at least getting an interim?

Thanks for anyones help!

No such thing as an interim clearance for a public trust position. You have an EOD. You can start work without your PIV card; you won’t do much more than twiddle your thumbs though.

That information is false! Pretty much the same exact situation and I’ve been actively doing work.

Nope. Truth. Most people get their PIV card and other credentials in order to EOD. They receive full access for their job duties once they receive a final favorable decision.

This is not true, keep trying though!