SF86 - Prior Employer Meeting

Listed my employment history, with one written reprimand at my current employer for missing a weekly COVID test (I indicated I mitigated this by getting the vaccine shortly after) but at my job prior to this one I have an issue which I’m not sure if it’ll cause concern.

I had romantic relations with a coworker that was on the same team as me. My manager found out, had a meeting with me and her, and decided to have me switch teams (there were two teams at this job that did the same function). The only people that knew were the two teams and even then they didn’t learn the full extent of the situation, other than that I was swapping teams.

Nothing to my memory was signed or formally filled out. I called my prior manager recently to double check on this and to her memory there was no signing of anything/official reprimand in place.

I don’t feel that I am at risk for blackmail/coercion as this was something that was incredibly hush-hush, at least the way my previous job handled it. This happened about 3 years ago, and no one has ever brought it up again.

I tried to request my employee file from HR at this company but to no avail.

I listed this down in section 13A of the SF86 and indicated that I don’t know if there’s any documentation of this but I am including as an abundance of caution.

Am I screwed regarding this scenario?

Everything else in my SF86 is fine, I’m up to date with financials and no foreign contacts, etc.