Should I be worried about additional processing?


I took my polygraph in December and was nervous the entire time. Even after answering truthfully, my examiner questioned my honesty. My examiner said that I did fine and would be brought back for a 2nd polygraph test but was unable to reschedule a date due to no open slots. I received an email saying "Per security your file is requiring additional processing and I don’t know if I should be worried or if this is part of the process. I fear that something will go left just due to how long this process has been. I officially got the offer back in July '22, graduated college in December '22, and still going through security clearance. Should I be worried about the additional processing or is this normal during this process?

I used to work for a contractor and some programs required polygraphs. This “additional processing” was not unusual, however, it did tend to slow things down. Sometimes it resulted in the individual going in for a security interview in addition to the polygraph and any meeting they may have already had with the investigator working their case.

Or it could be something else entirely…


Thank you for telling me this. I worried at times that this delay means that something is not going right when that may not be the case. It has already been 6 months so this to slow it down some more just makes me a little scared. I appreciate you telling me this