Son in Army denied Security Clearance --don't understand Why?

My son is 3 wks from graduating his training in the Army and NOW they are telling him his Security Clearance has not gone through because he can not find his 14 yr old expired Thai passport. We adopted him from Thailand when he was 2. His recruiter saw the passport and has a copy of it but they are requiring that he surrender that passport.

Now he is going to have to change jobs and go to another base and through 3 more months of training. He could repeal the decision but he feels it is a waste of time and will be turned down again. Basically his future with the Army is over. He will never advance without a Security Clearance.

I just want some answers to try to understand this

As as typical, there are bits and pieces of the story not toold, understood, or communicated. Is he a U.S. citizen now? If so there should be no issue, many clearance holders have dual citizenship derived from birth, Is the passport still valid or expired? Can you you not petition the Thai embassy to revoke it? There are plenty of other questions that would need to be answered before any advice could be given. Best to ket him handle the questions with the military service.

Yes, when the adoption was finalized when he was 2 yrs old he became a US citizen. We then lived in Ms and filled out the forms and obtained a new birth certificate with us his legalized parents.

The passport was only for the purpose of him coming to the US when he was 2 yrs old so I think he told me it expired 14 yrs ago. It was never used after he came here.

It just makes me wonder what would have happened if us as parents had lost it or decided not to keep it. It just doesn’t make sense.

I am not sure about getting the Thai embassy to revoke it since it has already expired. He does have some difficulty since he only has use of his phone on the weekends and feels like the decision of the military is final. Seems like someone should tell him that he has some options. He is a US citizen and this should not keep him him from getting his Security Clearance unless this administration has put a halt on allowing any foreign born individuals to have Clearance at this time.

Also the way my son explained it is this was the Army’s requirement or I guess really the Dept of Defense to show that my son was renouncing his Thai citizenship. Although that seems to me would not be necessary since he is a US citizen.

Sometimes questions arise when there is dual citizenship or the appearance of dual citizenship. Some countries may not recognize the fact that a person has renounced. I remember a guy whose brother got a draft notice from Italy even though he had not lived there for years… wonder how they found him.

But this should have come up during the investigation…? Anyway I hope your son will decide to pursue his right to appeal, hopefully the deadline has not already passed.

Hard to say what’s going on without knowing the whole story. He would have had the opportunity to explain things to his investigator, assuming you’re referring to final adjudication and assuming he had an interview.

My son just told me tonight that his Clearance went through. Somehow his Sergeant helped out and got it cleared. I think someone made a mistake somewhere. But glad it’s done and I found this website. Whatever would we do without the internet??

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Glad to see that it worked out.

Can you get me that sergeant’s phone number? :smiling_imp: