SSBI with parent being a foreign diplomat

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I’m currently enlisted in the military and love it. I want to go officer route for a cyber job which required a SSBI. I was born in Greece and naturalized recently, been here for 12 years, wife is in the military too. we both hold a secret clearance, I don’t have a bad record, drugs ect.
The only “foreign” family member I have and have contact with is my mother. She works as a diplomat for morocco and is stationned in Europe. I am working on getting her a green card and started her paperwork. She would come here and cut ties with the country in a heartbeat. She loves it here, she lived here with us for 10 years when she was stationned here. My question is, is getting an SSBI completely out of the question since my mother is not a citizen? and working for another government?

I’m in the military and hold a secret, need SSBI
Mother is moroccan diplomat stationned in germany and i currently filed for her to get a green card
Can i still get a SSBI?
thank you guys so much, I haven’t had any help elsewhere.

Can you still get an SSBI? Maybe… but in all likelihood it will take a long time.

Also, some Army Cyber jobs require additional accesses if you are assigned to an IC agency or require access to their networks. So even if you get cleared by the Army, you may not be eligible for one of those jobs… or at least face a whole 'nother waiting period after you are put in for that clearance.

If you have Cyber skills you can do lots of stuff without any kind of clearance. Maybe sitting around waiting for a clearance isnt worth it…?


First . . . Don’t sit around waiting for a clearance!

Both your military service and your mother’s desire to come to the U.S. will act as mitigating factors in your adjudication. But, as noted, this complicates the process and may introduce significant delay.

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Yeah… my secret already took me one year and a half. Just really wanted that job… But I appreciate your response!

Thank you, I really appreciate it!