Subject's want to drive during their ESI?

Has anyone else had Subject’s try to sit for their ESI’s on the phone while they were DRIVING? Geez…what’s next.

I had a guy that just wore a bathrobe during the interview.

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Hilarious! Hope you didn’t get flashed. :grimacing:

I did a TESI with a military person while they were driving across Wyoming. This is when we first started the telephone TESIs for minor issues.

Did you ask the Adjective Criteria Questions?? if so number 4 must have been really fun with I a guy wearing a bathrobe. I would have told hm goodbye and don’t call back until you have enough sense to get your ass dressed.

It could be worse, I once had a subject fart immediately after finishing an ESI I conducted. I’m not even kidding.

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I had one man who told me he was “at home” but about 15 minutes into the ESI I heard a beeping horn and asked him if he was driving. He confirmed and apologized for lying earlier. I told him to hang up and call me when he was stationary. It seems it’s just another example of how a majority of subject’s do not take their interview or their clearance very seriously. I can’t believe there is no specific guidance prohibiting driving ESI’s.

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Especially by phone. Also running water like cleaning the kitchen or something. Add in an extreme foreign accent which due to phone prevents the usual in person hand gestures or lip reading to try and figure out what they’re saying. Then try to get out of an interview because they barely speak English and nobody wants to hear it because “we don’t currently have a person who speaks that language who can do the interview.”

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Investigators aren’t and should never be blindly obedient robots. I will never knowingly interview a Subject while driving or a Subject I cannot understand. If we don’t take ourselves professionally and personally serious…Subjects never will. Subject’s only take us seriously when they get denied their clearance and then they blame us or call and ask why???


If you have a sbjt who barely speaks English and mgt says we don’t have anyone else to do the interview you have to do it what would you do? Other than quit I don’t see any other options. Refusing to do the interview was not an option.

Do the right thing. I totally understand everybody’s got their own “right” thing. It’s a job with a lot of gray areas.

Someone just asked me last week if we could do it while he’s at the gym.


When setting up the meeting, I say the phone interview requirement is that the subi treat the intv as if we were meeting in person: in a room alone, with a closed door, and no distractions such as tv, laptop, second phone, etc. Only one person has not complied (that I’m aware of). Sad that these things even have to be expressed at all.


Common sense…not so common.