Suitability for Low Risk with record


I was recently offered a GS-9 position for the U.S. Army Corps which does not require a secret clearance and is low risk. I know the form asks about charges/convictions etc in the last seven years in which I was arrested for a misdemeanor DUI in August of 2020, was fighting it but ultimately pled no contest in August of 2021. I attended AA meetings multiple times a week for the year, then after the plea I attended and completed a 3 month required DUI class and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. I have also since had the conviction expunged.

I am curious if anyone has some insight into whether I will pass the suitability and receive the firm job offer? No other incidents since August of 2020.

You should be fine. The Army clears everyone. No offense to you.

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Even for a GS civilian position though? I know there isn’t a secret clearance involved.

One DUI and completing court requirements is not normally a clearance killer unless there are additional alcohol behaviors.

This isn’t for a secret clearance job either though. A buddy of mine has a secret clearance with 3 alcohol related arrests. I guess I’m not worried about that part but with it being just over 3 years I don’t know if there’s been enough time that has passed.

Three years is normally enough time.

How long does the bottom level T1 take for GS position? It’s been over 30 days and has been no movement, I.e., no credit check pull, etc. Mind you I held a SECRET clearance for over 15 years, still “current”, and just retired (Feb) honorably as an Army 1SG. I was befuddled that I even had to go through the bare bones check considering I held a SECRET. Thanks!

Was thinking 30 day max for an honorable mil retiree. Should be a quick SSN search and review of OMPF.

Just wanted to update everyone in case you’re following and in a similar boat. I submitted my Eqip SF85 Tier 1 on Friday October 27th. I received a confirmation email that everything was received and all documents are complete on October 30. November 6th I received my form job offer.

That is good news. Congratulations!