Time line after interview

I had submitted Equip Nov, 2016 and I was denied interim in March. I had interview in November, and I contacted OPM and they said, your file is completed and sent it to agency for approval. How long does it take to get an approval? Some of the blog says it takes 18-24 months.

Adjudication can take up to 90 days or longer. Adjudication doesn’t start until your investigation is complete. Just because you had an interview, doesn’t mean your investigation is complete. From Eqip to finish it could take 30 days to 3 years. No one can give you a definite answer.
-Edit- You say OPM told you your file was sent for approval, you could get final clearance any day now. Or, if you had any “security concerns” you could be in the denial phase and may receive an SOR soon. If a SOR is in your future this usually increases your wait time until you hear anything. Good luck.

Thank you for your response and insight. I tried to contact my FSO and it look like he is no longer with the company. Do you think if I can contact OPM they could able to tell me anything.

Sure, it wouldn’t hurt to try.