Timeline Trending from Member

I thought this would be an appropriate topic here. Could we have setup for member to submit dates (mm-dd-yyyy) or just (mm-yyyy) for their timeline? And, we can chart it as a reference for new members and current member get a perspective of how others’ timeline look like? Example would be immigration timeline from visajourney (can’t copy link here per your community guidelines). That way we can helps a lot of members while keeping the community tidy and less of questions like “what happens to me and my timeline” on a new topic.

Simple dates like:

  1. SF86 Submission Date
  2. Credit Pull / Investigation Open Date
  3. Interim Granted / Eligibility Pending
  4. Last Subject Interview
  5. Investigation Closed / Adjudication
  6. Decision Date / Clearance Granted

I think with a search you’ll find several, like this one: