Top Secret Dossier

I have recently discovered information about my dad, from Ancestry dot com records. One part is his security clearance, while he was in the Army in 1957. I’m trying to figure out how to decipher what it means, since we know very little about him and have been surprised by his military record and medals.

I recently ordered replacement medals, but am still puzzled by the security clearance. Here is the only line or info about his clearance. I added the quotation marks:
“Security Clearance NAC March 10, 1957 4AA +10 years continuous service, Top Secret; Dossier NRG4”

If anyone can tell me what Dossier NRG4 is or any other part of this clearance, I’d be very appreciative.


A quick guess would be dad had a national agency check in March of 1957 and at one point or another may have been clearance eligibility for Top Secret material.

You could probably submit an FOIA to the Dept of the Army asking for a description of what NRG4 is.

FOIA Contact: To make a FOIA request to Department of the Army please send request to:

Alecia Bolling

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Thank you. Any idea what Dossier NRG4 refers to?
Thanks again!

I doubt that anybody here is going to be able to give you very much information about security from the 1950’s. This could have referred to a specific project, person or initiative. But, we don’t know. The very fact that it was classified limits our likelihood of knowing what it was.

As was already suggested, you may get information from a FOIA request. It is unlikely that it remains classified 60 years later but it certainly may be.

Thanks. I may check on an FOIA. Appreciate your time!