Transferring a pending T5 BI to new employer: possible or not?

I’ll be leaving my employer who sponsored T5 halfway through the investigation due to contract going south. New employer’s FSO maintains an open BI cannot be transferred.

However I remember reading a post here regarding this exact same situation, with few folks confirming they’ve successfully been there done that–and had the new employer pick up an existing BI so they wouldn’t lose their place in line. The FSO had to call JPAS on the phone, and it did take some time but they got through it.

Is the FSO correct in this case or not? Anyone else who’s been there done that, please weigh in. This particular FSO doesn’t give me confidence she knows what’s going on and is opting for the easiest-for-her route.

My investigation for a Secret was switched from one employer to another mid-stream. In my case, the FSO from the new company got on the phone with support from JPAS and moved it no time. I was in adjudication at the time. Both employers were DoD contractors. I did not go to the end of the line.


Thanks @EdFarmerIII. This was not a PR right, but initial BI? I’m wondering if your situation was significantly different than mine. The stage shouldn’t matter, I don’t think. If a transfer can be completed in adjudication stage, there is no reason the exact same cannot be accomplished in investigation stage as well.

Yes . . . Mine was an initial . . . My first company lost their contract and I was quickly picked up by the company who received the contract. It sounds pretty much the same.

As I remember, the FSO at the new company was not sure what was going to happen! But, I had little choice.

I am almost in the same boat as you folks. My current contract that I am on has a conflict of interest with the current company and the government (DoD agency). So my current company is looking for another company to buy out our contract in the next 60 days. However, my current company is in the process of doing my T5 PR (just started). Would the new company pick up or sponsor my T5 PR investigation? A lot of what is going on or moving is not my choice.

An update on my situation, and another data-point for those readers wandering purgatory:

It is possible to do this. New company’s FSO reluctantly contacted JPAS and opened a ticket. They followed the procedure described by @EdFarmerIII . New company’s FSO confirmed Background Investigation is picked up by new company.

I get the impression that transferring an ongoing BI not a well-known procedure since FSO’s at other places I was interviewing at straight up refused to do this, reasoning it wasn’t possible. I would make sure prior to accepting an offer that the new FSO will do this.

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Thanks for the call out . . .

@pawngobbler and @EdFarmerIII - I am in the same boat. I had an interview this week and the hiring company said that they are taking over or sponsor my clearance if hired The company also said that due to the backlog of clearances, it is somewhat “now normal” for a company to pick up the BI when it is in process. As long as you are in the queue for the BI, you are good. But I encourage everyone to still check with their FSO.