TS After Resignation in Lieu of Termination from Federal Law Enforcement

In 2007 I was given a notice of termination from a federal law enforcement position. I fought it with the MSPB and was able to have it reduced to a resignation in lieu of termination. Issue involved was that I had had multiple BBQs at my residence where there were underage drinkers. My question is I am hoping to get a TS clearance for a position in the National Guard (where I am currently working) and am wondering how this will affect my ability to get it. I do not plan to put in for the position till Fall of 2017 which will be after the 10 year mark for the forced resignation.

The first thing you have to do is read the questionnaire carefully… is the question about being fired (or resigning in lieu of) a “Have you ever…” question or a “In the past X years, have you…” question. I cant recall off the top of my head but I don’t think it is a “have you ever.”

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Thank you for the reply. I reviewed the SF-86 and it does only state 10 years. But further down it does ask about federal employment that was not previously noted (in the 10 year window). So, once I note it in there I would venture to guess it is going to come up. My hope is that since it will have been 10 years and I have had a very successful career since then that I will be granted the TS/TCI during the SSBI.

Anything that happened over 9 years ago is mitigated as long as there is not a more recent history of similar behavior. If the employment was within the last 10 years you will have to list it and the reason for leaving. If outside the 10 years you would still list it in section 13B but it does not require you to list the reason for leaving or ask about disciplinary issues.My advice is to read each question carefully to ensure you understand what is being asked and just be truthful and up front about it. Your termination in and of itself will not be an issue, but if you try to hide it then it will be an honesty issue.

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Thank you very much sir, that definitely encourages me in moving forward with this position next year. Have a great evening!