TS/SCI process - How does it work?

I have a few questions, and am hoping to get some answers. Here is some quick background information before I state my specific questions: I recently applied (May 2014) for a GS, HR Spec position with the US Dept of the Army. I’m also a Marine Corps Reserve veteran about to retire into the Retired Reserve (20+ years). My primary MOS in the Corps was Infantry, so I’ve only ever had a SECRET clearance which is still current in JPAS. I’m also a permanent/career tenured, former federal employee, GS, different series, in the DoD defense acquisition community. The GS, HR Spec position I applied for with the Army is also located at an installation in the defense acquisition community; however, unlike my former position, this HR Spec position requires a TS/SCI clearance instead of just a SECRET clearance. I have been offered a tentative offer of employment pending completion of a background investigation, and a few days ago, I recently submitted my fingerprints digitally to initiate the process.

Q#1. Can someone please explain to me how this TS/SCI process will work? (i.e. What are the steps? Who will conduct the investigation? What documents will they require? Will I have to take a polygraph test?, etc.)

Q#2. I have both a copy of an old SF-86 (Rev. July 2008) that I submitted in 2010 when I accepted my first federal GS civilian position that only required a SECRET clearance, and an older copy (2007) of a Personnel Security Questionnaire (PSQ) via E-QIP. My second question is this - what’s on file now? What can the Dept of the Army currently see? Is it a scanned copy of the pen/ink SF-86 that I submitted, or the electronic PSQ in E-QIP?

Q#3. Reason I ask is because I went to OPM’s website and downloaded an SF-86 to start to prepare for what I think I’ll have to submit; however, I see that the SF-86 has now been Revised to a 2010 version (different from I submitted in Q#2). And I want to ensure that I submit the exact same answers for my 10-year history on this SF-86. So, is it just what’s in E-QIP.

Q#4. Will the investigation look at my USAJOBS resume? Or, will the investigation only look at what I submit in this new PSQ/E-QIP or SF-86? And who will do it? A security officer at this Army installation? FBI? Or, who?

Just really wanting someone to walk me through this TS/SCI process. I want this job, and I want this investigation to go smoothly. And from what I understand, whatever old SF-86 or PSQ via E-QIP is on file, my answers for the same time period must match minus the new info for the last few years. Is that correct?


Here is the short version: Top Secret and SCI are two different processes. The SSBI for a TS is completed by OPM just like any other investigation and a part of that is to provide copies of previously completed investigations for a review for discrepancies. Your resume that you used to apply for the position is sent in along with the OF-306. Once your SSBI is completed by OPM and sent to your agency for adjudication and you are granted eligibility for TS, then you have additional paperwork to fill out for the application for SCI. This is sent by your Special Security Officer (SSO) to the CIA for review, which could take along while for approval.