Value of Completed SSBI

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Say you go through a completed SSBI (non-clearance) for Agency A, and because of an issue that agency declines to hire you. Provided that it is within the 5 year window, would that SSBI be good for Agency B to review for possible adjudication or would you have to go through the process again? Also, would it have any value in regards to contracting jobs since you’ve already been vetted and investigated?

*This question is under the assumption that different agencies look at issues differently and what may disqualify you from one agency won’t necessary disqualify you from another.

I think it depends on how easy it is for potential employers to see that investigation. If your investigation shows up in JPAS, the DoD system accessible to most employers (at least the ones doing DoD work), it will make more of a difference. If you can get the date that your SSBI was completed and the agency that did it, that will help them to find you.

I’m talking about contractor hiring here. If you go to another agency as a direct hire, I think there is a greater chance they’ll want to do their own investigation

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