Voluntary Resignation vs Fire

I was found not suitable for public trust on 12/6. Should I voluntary resign or wait for termination?

How do you know you were found unsuitable? Normally you are given notice of unsuitability and the reasons why at the same time of proposed removal. That is, unless the issues are not so serious that they can place you in a non-sensitive low risk position. Some even offer you the choice to resign before being terminated. However, on any future federal job applications you would still have to disclose the unfavorable investigation and terms of departure from employment.


@rimgly - Let them fire you.

I would wait and see what the company does. Do they have work for you that doesn’t require a public trust? You don’t even know (unless you do) why you have bee denied. This may be something that you can clear up and then reapply in a year or so.

Back in Feb 2017, I was beginning to be investigated for starting my own business the conflicted when the one I was doing as a fed. I setup a website before I left. I did this because it was new Years, and web hosting companies were offering steep discounts. Obviously stupid. SO I voluntary resigned, my SF50 stated resigned due to employee seeking opportunities outside the federal govt.

I got hired at another agency in sep 2017.and had the background interview. This came up and I heard nothing. Finally 12/6/2018, my manager calls me in and says he doesn’t know whats going on but I was given a memo saying I was found unsuitable for public trust by the office of security. I was placed on non pay status and turned my badge, cell, and laptop. And I left the building.

Dave019, why let them fire? What are the advantages?

Well, for one, when you resign from a position you relinquish all rights to appeal. Meaning, you would not be able to try and get your job back through administrative or judicial proceedings. And two, being forced to resign and being fired arguably have the same stigma except when you are “fired” you still have appeal rights, like I already said.